Welcome to StratCamp

The #1 Intro to Coding Program for Finance Professionals!

  • Weekly drip-course with topics in computer science focused on the finance industry taught by Mark Ross, former VP Strat on Morgan Stanley's Trading Desk.
  • Languages Covered: Python, SQL, Excel, VBA, Data Engineering, Linux, and much more!
  • At the completion of each module there is both a special finance lecture as well as a homework assignment dedicated towards the content of that module. Homework solutions will be provided in the following week.
  • Once-a-month live Q&A session with Mark Ross where you can ask anything regarding homeworks, the program, or even career coaching related questions.
  • Access to a forum where you can post concerns / questions you have and other students can/will engage with you. There will also be a dedicated TA to engage in this forum.
Cost: $199/mo
Self-Paced Program
Program Length: 6 months
Certification: ScriptUni E-certificate

Upgrade to Pro for only $99/mo!

Pro is a live add-on to the StratCamp course. It includes:
  • Access to our private Slack channel where Mark, a second TA, and fellow students engage daily on any questions pertaining to the course or homeworks
  • Two weekly live TA sessions. One covering cool new concepts and ideas pertaining to the previous weeks lecture, and one to answer any homework related questions.
  • Homeworks graded by a live TA, feedback provided.
  • Private messaging communication with TA regarding course and projects
  • Shared Git repository for students to review each others code and assignments
  • Engaging community
  • Guest lecturers on current topics including Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, and more
Cost: $99/mo
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